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We design and transform digital businesses

iGlobal is an independent design & innovation lab based in London. We are digital deep space explorers, blue ocean divers, greenfield cultivators. We create and develop digital innovations that transform industries. We use design thinking to turn great ideas into exciting new digital businesses and new markets. We provide alternative ways of thinking and prioritising the future. We collaborate with businesses to realize their digital transformation ambitions. We work with industry leaders, content providers, global brands, and partners to explore global reaching opportunities. We build compelling, original, transformative, next-generation digital work.
Design is in our DNA. Our unique transdisciplinary approach deconstructs business challenges through critical design thinking. Industry knowledge & insights, transparency, and cultural sensitivities are integral to our approach. We believe to best define and shape visions of the future, our abilities are not confined by the boundaries of exsiting disciplinary identities or practices. We are agile, entrepreneurial and exceptional digital practitioners. We are devoted to creating partnerships, incubating ideas and building transformative sustainable ventures.

Business Case & Analysis

iGlobal research, identifies, and initiates opportunities that serve long-term interests. We combine design thinking with system thinking, to transform business competitiveness for vertical growth, high performance, and new revenue streams. We build Business Intelligence as part of all our digital work. Turning big data into actionable information systems.


iGlobal follow a unique transdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. We deliver creative, astute and commercially driven ideation responses to complex business cases and environment. This is usually an iterative process from business analysis stage, where we define, refine and attune creative thinking into commercial viability.


Design lead, detail oriented, holistically driven, consultative approach. Our design creates agile digital business models that thrive in complex market environments adapting to evolving smart customers behaviours. We design innovative products, services, utilities, IoT, Bots, Commercial ventures for new markets and businesses.

Development & Build

We develop state of the art frameworks, methods, processes, and digital platforms that can convert clicks into successes. Our team is devoted to better tools, techniques and better technologies to improve personalization, branded experience, and compelling user engagement.

We see the future. Let's explore together.

Personalization & Mobility

Mobile-first strategy is critical to set the foundation for all future digital transformation. With Blockchain and decentralization, there build trusts ensuring personalized engagement with digital channels, businesses, peer2peer activities in work, shop, and play.

Social Media: Marketing, Commerce, Monetization

Today's smart consumers are increasingly sophisticated. Display and native advertising will no longer hold the values it once did for advertisers. We enable unique peer 2 peer social marketing to create better brand engagement, retention through word of mouth innovation.

Thought leadership

Information age demands best information visionaries to set agendas and take initiatives. Organisations are challenged to maintaining the status quo, but also leadership movements to optimize competitiveness and better returns.

Digital Transformation

should be business driven and not technology lead. Business enterprises are social systems. Human factors are critical to its transformation success. Long-term business strategies should be prioritized over technology trends.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data

are integral to all our work. Integrating machine learning, AI, tracking down every click and improving engagement and dwell time. We monitor and promote trends 'as it happens' as part of our social content engineering.

Digital Products & Innovation

We encourage new concepts. business models and ecosystems. We build innovative digital products and services to gain new revenue streams. Our entrepreneurial environment is ideal for rapid prototyping, test/trials, and launch.

What we are working on and the technologies we use

Next Generation Social Media

Social Network

The next generation

Our state of the art social media platform enables content providers, brands, advertisers, merchants, and different user groups to engage in their own exclusive social communities ecosystem, with innovative branded products and services designed for high volume social interactions, commerce and monetization.


We are: We work

We are a team of international creatives: designers, engineers, architects, marketers, innovators, strategists, and technologists. We have worked with global brands in Luxury Lifestyle and High-End Fashion, FMCG, Sports, Travel, Gaming, Hospitality & Events, Social Network, Dating Apps, Health, Electronics, Automotive, Elearning, News Media, and Content Publishers.

The Company is lead by Teresa Yang - Chief Digital Imagineer, Founder.

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iGlobal Media Ltd. International House, London, EC1A 2BN. UK
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